Introduction to MySQL - Exercise

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Allowed languages: | MySQL prepare DB & run queries | MySQL run queries & check DB | MySQL run skeleton, run queries & check DB |
Contest participants: 48
Practice participants: 131


01. Create Tables

02. Insert Records in Both Tables

03. Truncate Table Minions

04. Drop All Tables

05. Create Table People

06. Create Table Users

07. Change Primary Key

08. Find All Information About Departments

09. Find all Department Names

10. Find Salary of Each Employee

11. Find Full Name of Each Employee

12. Find Email Address of Each Employee

13. Find All Different Employee’s Salaries

14. Find all Information About Employees

15. Find Names of All Employees by Salary in Range

16. Find Names of All Employees

17. Find All Employees Without Manager

18. Find All Employees with Salary More Than

19. Find 5 Best Paid Employees

20. Find All Employees Except Marketing

21. Sort Employees Table

22. Distinct Job Titles

23. Find First 10 Started Projects

24. Last 7 Hired Employees

25. Increase Salaries

26. All Mountain Peaks

27. Biggest Countries by Population

28. Countries and Currency (Euro / Not Euro

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